Track more than steps.
TrackMyFitness is the first to track real exercises, not just activity.
We use smart watches to track human movement.
Workout Tracker
  • Auto-detects exercises & counts reps
  • Logs workouts so you can track progress
  • More accurate calories burned tracking
  • Make your gym workout automatic
Android Wear & Apple Watch
We don't have time
We make time.
Get fit in as little as 5 minutes
Personal Trainer
  • Get results and save time
  • Personal Trainer coaching from phone or smart watch
  • Create your own custom workouts
Android Wear & Apple Watch
It won't be easy,
but it will be worth it.
Personal Trainer now on Apple TV!
  • Use your remote to count your reps
  • Motivating workout exeperience from your living room
  • Track your progress on your phone
Android Wear & Apple Watch
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